Update: Reebok is issuing Refunds on Runtones

Reebok Refund ClaimThis is an update to the previous entry, Reebok is issuing Refunds on Runtones, which was a follow-on to my original post, I’m getting a new butt!

Earlier this month I discovered that Reebok was issuing refunds on all Easytone and Runtone merchandise.  I went to the refund website and submitted an online claim form on 9/30/2011.  Exactly two weeks later I received the Notice of Class Action, Proposed Settlement, and Fairness Hearing paperwork in the mail.  As I read through the sixteen page document, I could not figure out if I needed to file another claim in order to “remain in the Class” and continue eligibility for my refund.  I was about to call the toll free number when I realized that the refund website was updated to read, “If you submitted a claim form after the FTC announcement, you were mailed a notice about the class action and proposed settlement. Please do not submit another claim for the same Eligible Shoes and/or Eligible Apparel.”  Perfect! 

My first thoughts when I received the mailed paperwork was that I would have to submit another claim with proof of purchase, but that has yet to be enforced.  I do not know if everyone will get issued a flat amount regardless of what they paid, or if proof of purchase will eventually be required.  The paperwork states that the Fairness Hearing is scheduled for mid-January and that I will be informed of the progress of the settlement.  If you haven’t filed your claim yet, forms can be submitted electronically until April 10, 2012.

I like it hot

A first-timer’s look at Charm City Yoga and Bikram Yoga BaltimoreYoga

Over the past couple of years, I have sporadically attended Les Mills BodyFlow classes at my gym.  BodyFlow incorporates components from yoga, pilates and tai chi, and focuses on improving strength as well as flexibility.  I could usually perform 80-90% of the class, as I lack some strength in my upper body and core.  In general, I found these classes more physically challenging than I anticipated, but I always felt so great afterward… although it was a different great than I felt after running or any other type of work out.  I have been meaning to go further in my yoga practice and my recent injury has accelerated that initiative.  I had heard mixed reviews about hot yoga so I needed to find out for myself. Continue reading

erin is injured

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks, but I have had trouble finding the words… to admit… it’s over.

I don’t know if I can convey how energized I was to take on the challenge of a half-marathon.  In the short period of time that I focused on running, I already felt that I was addicted and I was so proud of my distance runs.  I knew that my ankle would be  an obstacle, but I accepted it as part of the journey.  The miles behind me seemed sweeter since it wasn’t so long ago that I couldn’t run at all.  For the record, I ran 6.3mi, or 10k, before my ankle decided to give out on me. Continue reading

Reebok is issuing refunds on Runtones

WHAT!?!  My Reebok Runtones aren’t going to give me a better bottom?

Apparently, I misspoke in a previous post that I’m getting a new butt! courtesy of Reebok, because what I am actually getting from Reebok is a refund.  So maybe my praying to the Reebok Butt Goddess actually did work!

It was recently released that Reebok was sued due to unsupported advertising claims that Reebok Runtones and Easytones were proven to tone buttocks and build calf muscles.  At first, I thought that this lawsuit seemed a little unfounded since there are a ton of products on the market that claim to do a plethora of amazing things, but it turns out that Reebok used the word “proven” with actual percents of toning and when the FTC challenged Reebok’s claim, Reebok could not provide solid proof.

I must admit that I was captivated by Reebok’s ad campaign for the Runtones, but I did not actually think that the shoes were going to give give me a new butt.  I have owned the shoes for a couple of months and while I did not feel exhaustive effects from the “micro-instability” of the “balance pods” when walking, I did wear the shoes on a 3 mile run and my calves were far more exhausted than when I wear my regular Nike’s.  However, I must state, my Reebok Runtones are amazingly comfortable and that is why I bought them and why I continue to wear them.  And now they are going to be free!

I am intrigued to observe how this Reebok refund plays out.  As of right now, you do not need to provide receipts for purchases less than $200.  This seems like a bad idea.  I have already noticed that the website has changed (read reduced) their wording for the description of the technology of their “toning” shoes.  It is also interesting to see that the prices have significantly dropped on the shoes.  Go buy your amazingly comfortable Runtones now!  And, I am predicting that Reebok will have to redesign or rename the shoe so that their future shoes with a same or similar concept cannot be confused with the shoes linked to the unsupported claims.

I’ll report back when I receive my refund.  I’m following the process here.

Half Marathon Training Week 5

Ugh!  I’m pretty close to admitting defeat.  In the last post, I reported that I went running on Sunday and that I felt pretty good after I elevated and iced post run.  Well, on Monday, I couldn’t last ten minutes without having to elevate my leg to lessen the incessant ache.

I really took it easy this week to include only exercising once at a spinning class and keeping my leg elevated frequently.  My leg has been aching pretty badly the last two days so I made another doctor’s appointment for Tuesday.  I hope to have an MRI by the end of this upcoming week.  Today, I took a three-hour nap and my ankle hurt just as badly waking up as it did before I went down.  How does that make any sense?!?  I was just laying down for three hours!  I have been wearing the compression sock and taking Advil, but I am not pleased with my disposition.  As far as I can tell, this is not something that is healing.

Half Marathon Training Week 4

Today’s Distance Run

  • (indifferent face)

Last week I reported that I am suffering ankle pain and had scheduled a visit to my previous doctor.  I visited my Towson Sports Medicine on Tuesday and was x-rayed.  The doctor was also intrigued by the hard swollen lump near my previous broken-ankle-incision; however the x-ray revealed that it was not a bone issue.  My doctor wavered back and forth between it being a muscle or tendon issue and/or being a circulation issue.  He asked how committed I was to running the marathon and I confessed that I realized that my dream was probably over.  He replied, “Do you own a bike?”  In doctor-speak, I think this means that It’s over, yet he made comments about taking it easy for a couple of weeks and then just running “until it hurts.”  The doctor also mentioned Compartment Syndrome which is something that can happen in runners and other athletes; it involves poor circulation and high pressure in the lower leg.  He stated, “I don’t think you have compartment syndrome… yet… but really the true way to test for that… well what we do with the big time athletes is that we put them on a treadmill until it hurts and then we measure the pressure… and it usually ruins their careers…  BUT we’re not going to do that with you.”  WHAT?  Am I not a big time athlete?  (smile… erin is trying…)  My doctor recommended compression socks for exercising and for periods of lesser mobility, i.e. sitting at my desk all day.   After I do run,  he wants me to put my leg straight up in the air to help return circulation.  If I didn’t feel better in a couple of weeks, call back for an MRI.

Since my doctor’s visit, I have been wavering on what I think is… muscle/tendon or circulation.  For the first few days, I was convinced that it was circulation since the wearing of compression socks (I’m so sexy!) and keeping it elevated were making a huge difference.  On the other hand, late at night, I am getting a warm, radiating ache into my heel and down toward my smaller toes, which makes me think that it is a tendon issue.

I went running this past week.  Twice.  In compression socks.  HOttttt.  On Wednesday I did 3.01 miles, but I did slow to a walk twice, so my average pace was only 13’37″ per mile.  Today I did 3.22 miles and kept a pace of 10’77″ per mile.  It seemed to hurt at first, but then my other leg was actually hurting more.  Toward the end of the run, my leg felt really heavy and almost as if I had a water balloon strapped to the front of my shin.  I looked down and it was significantly more swollen than when I started.  When I got home, I popped some advil, strapped on my ice pack, and put it straight in the air.  Later, I realized that my leg didn’t feel any different than how it felt before I ran, so I think that means that I can still run.

To be honest, this is a strange injury.  It does not hurt to do anything physical… I could jump all around… it only hurts when I stop moving… ugh… back to thinking that it is circulation.  I actually just googled the Compartment Syndrome to write this post and I’m starting to wonder that IF it is a circulation issue, it is because of scar tissue from 9 years ago? or from a new injury?  I see an MRI in my near future.

Half Marathon Training Week 3

Today’s Distance Run:

  • (sad face)

I did not attempt my distance run today, and I doubt I will feel up to it tomorrow.  The good news is that I don’t have a confirmed injury, the bad news is that I’m getting x-rayed on Tuesday.  Last week, I excitedly reported that I ran 6.2 miles.  Two days after that, I ran 3 miles.  My ankle was very sore at the beginning of the week, but I thought that it would improve.  Yesterday I realized that I was still experiencing too much pain for not having done any exercising since Monday, so I scheduled an appointment with the doctor who did my ankle surgery 9 years ago.  My ankle hurts and is swollen exactly where it was previously broken.  I am not positive that I have a fracture, but I want to see the x-ray to fully understand if my ankle is strong enough to continue this journey.  I can deal with the pain, I just want to make sure that I’m not actually exacerbating a serious injury.

So of course I am in freakout-mode wondering if I will leave the doctor’s office on Tuesday in crutches.  I will be very upset if I am forced to discontinue my athletic feats and extremely depressed that I will have to drastically change diet to get through an extended period of lesser mobility.  Having a confirmed busted ankle will officially hinder many of my trying endeavors.  (I was just whining to my husband that I can’t even drown my self pity in biscuits, baked goods and beer because I haven’t burned enough calories to do so.)  I’m just going to stick my head in the sand now.  Okay… not now… but maybe on Tuesday.